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How Potent Is Your Lipstick?

Vivia Chen

September 28, 2012

At the The Careerist, we always take a broad view about what falls under the career umbrella. Here are some curious news items that you might have missed:

  Superstay1. Read my lips. I know you women lawyers out there are super busy—and that is precisely why you should pay attention to this latest class action. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports that a group of women are suing Maybelline for misrepresenting the product claims of its Super Stay lipstick:

The women, including a New York resident named Santa, sued the venerable makeup company in Manhattan federal court for false advertising, saying Maybelline’s claims about its Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss and Super Stay 14 HR Lipstick products are “misleading, inaccurate, and deceptive.”

The lawsuit, filed on Friday, alleges that the lipstick and lip gloss do not last for hours as advertised, but “wear off and fade after only a few hours of wear.”

Ladies, you've got meetings to attend, documents to churn out, cases to argue. And need I remind you that keeping your lips red and luscious is important to your career? The last thing you want is to be constantly reapplying your lipstick! So if you've been using Super Stay lipstick, and it's not staying on your busy lips—you can now do something about it.

In fact, why limit yourself to suing Maybelline? If you're using makeup by other companies that aren't living up to its claims, why not sue them as well? Really, we are dishing out a lot of money for cosmetics, and we deserve products that will keep up with our long workdays.

 2. Wouldn't Brooklyn be cooler? The New York Observer reports that Harvard Law School professor and defense lawyer extraordinaire Alan Dershowitz just bought an apartment at New York's Sutton Place. I have just one word for this purchase: Boring! Sutton Place, for those of you unfamiliar with New York, is in no-man's-and. It's by the East River, several long avenues from the subway, most decent restaurants, and Bloomingdales.

I don't know why someone as colorful as Dershowitz (he helped free O. J. Simpson and Claus von Bülow) would want to live in such a staid part of town. Could it be he got a deal too good to pass up? He paid $1.68 million for a three bedroom with two-and-a-half baths, which, in Manhattan, is like a total bargain.

3. Fashion Victim. All lawyers—men and women—are under a lot of pressure to look good. So when a lawyer commits a misdeed for the sake of professional appearance, I'm inclined to be sympathetic. Sadly, the courts aren't quite so understanding. From the Blog of the Legal Times:

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals today approved the 90-day suspension of a former U.S. Department of Treasury lawyer who pleaded guilty to stealing neckties from a high-end Virginia department store.

Albert Zarate, a member of the D.C. Bar since 1995, pleaded guilty in Fairfax County Circuit Court to attempting to steal "seven or eight" neckties from a Nordstrom department store in December 2009, according to court filings. The District's attorney disciplinary body found that Zarate's actions didn't involve moral turpitude, and negotiated the 90-day suspension with him.

I suppose some people might think that Zarate got off easy with the the 90-day suspension. But I think the court should have cut him some slack. I mean, he's a government lawyer who probably doesn't make a fancy salary. Poor guy—he just wants to look good on the job.

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