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10 Male Behaviors that Drive Female Lawyers Crazy

It's time for some rules of behavior for men. Continue Reading

Posted by Vivia Chen at 3:31 PM on July 26, 2016 in Advice, Women | Comments (3)

Hell, Yeah, You Can Bitch on the Job!

Workers have a legal right to be negative on the job. Continue Reading

Posted by Vivia Chen at 4:12 AM on May 18, 2016 in Advice, Management/Mismanagement | Comments (1)

Best Law Schools for Prestige and Jobs

What the latest rankings by U.S. News & World Reports and National Law Journal mean about where you should go to law school. Continue Reading

Posted by The Careerist at 3:57 AM on March 22, 2016 in Advice, Law Students/Law Schools | Comments (0)

So How Much Portable Business Do You Need?

Jeffrey Lowe, the managing partner of Major Lindsey & Africa’s Washington, D.C. office, gives us a preview of the latest lateral partner survey. Continue Reading

Posted by Vivia Chen at 1:17 PM on February 20, 2014 in Advice, Money/Power | Comments (0)

6 Ways to Get Happy (or Less Miserable)

Our resident happiness expert, Dan Bowling, gives pointers on how you can achieve happiness—even if you're a lawyer. Continue Reading

Posted by The Careerist at 2:20 PM on January 7, 2014 in Advice | Comments (2)

Oh, No—Naughty Santa Is in Town!

Nine tips on how to throw a very safe (and dull) office party this holiday season. Continue Reading

Posted by The Careerist at 12:45 PM on December 12, 2013 in Advice, Sex, Lies, and Other Career Sinkers | Comments (1)

Ready for Tights with Open-Toe Shoes?

Will the latest fashion trend make you look chic or frumpy? Continue Reading

Posted by Vivia Chen at 2:27 PM on December 5, 2013 in Advice, Fashion/Style/Etiquette | Comments (6)

7 Tips on Prepping for Your Annual Review

Even if you think the self-evaluation process is a farce, it's crucial to take it seriously. Here's what you should do. Continue Reading

Posted by The Careerist at 10:23 AM on November 17, 2013 in Advice | Comments (2)

10 Things Every New Lawyer Should Do—Right Now

The author of Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks (Grover Cleveland) and the president of Ms. JD (Katherine Larkin-Wong) are back with more advice for newbie lawyers. Continue Reading

Posted by The Careerist at 2:32 PM on October 29, 2013 in Advice | Comments (4)

8 Essential Tips for Drumming Up Business

Part two of our talk with Shelia Birnbaum and Nina Gussack. This time, the Queen of Torts and the $65 Million Woman get specific about what women should do to get business. Continue Reading

Posted by Vivia Chen at 12:34 PM on October 24, 2013 in Advice, Money/Power, Partner chats, Women | Comments (2)

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