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Boies Schiller's Big Fat Santa

Vivia Chen

December 22, 2010

Santa It's enough to make you believe in Santa Claus: Boies Schiller just announced its year-end bonuses--and they are very, very nice.

Here's the bottom line: For associates who've worked at the firm for at least a year, the average bonus "was over $75,000 for 2010," according to an e-mail sent to us this morning by the firm on behalf of partner Phil Korologos.

Of course, as everyone knows by now, $35,500 is what Cravath, Swaine & Moore and most of the other big firms pay out as The Top bonus. And so how high does the cash prize at Boies reach? Drum roll, please: "Several of the firm's highest-performing associates achieved bonuses of more than $200,000," says Korologos.

Wow. Even by investment banking measures, $200k is a nice little stocking stuffer. I had a feeling that Boies was going to pull something big, but even I'm amazed by the amount. Hard to believe, but just yesterday everyone was swooning over those better-than-Cravath bonuses at Susman Godfrey ($45,000 to $100,000-plus); Quinn Emanuel ($8,500 to $82,500); and Cahill Gordon (it gave a series of incremental bonuses--the top total amount is around $75,000, according to my calculation).

So why is Boies Schiller being so generous? Korologos says in the e-mail that the firm "is proud of its associates' extensive contributions to the firm's considerable accomplishments in what was a very busy year."

Busy, indeed. Happy holidays, Boies Schiller's little helpers!

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For those of you trying to decide between a career in law or career in investment banking, $200K is a typical bonus for about two months in investment banking.

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