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News Briefs--Lawyers in Trouble; Simpson Lawyer Buys Celeb Apartment

Vivia Chen

June 15, 2011

Newsphoto Lawyers in Deep Trouble:

1. Let's get the really yucky item over with first. Here's proof that graduating from Harvard and Yale and working at one of the most selective law firms in the country doesn't mean you're automatically a decent person: Moshe Gerstein, 35, a Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher associate, has been hit with child porn charges. He, along with 26 others, are accused of trading "truly sickening" images of child sexual assault by the Manhattan district attorney's office, according to the New York Law Journal.

2. The job market is tight, so maybe an alternative career is necessary: Ilan Grapel, 27, a law student at Emory, has been detained by Egyptian officials for being a “highly trained” Israeli spy  (Hat tip: Above The Law).

3. As I said, the job market is tight--but is this what some lawyers have to resort to? Reema Bajaj, 25, of Sycamore, Illnois, has been charged with three counts of prostitution, reports the Chicago Sun Times (Hat tip: Above The Law).

Lawyers in Real Estate:

Personally, I find real estate porn much more interesting. From The Observer comes this intersection of celebrity and lawyerdom: Television news personality (and bro of New York gov Andrew) Chris Cuomo just sold his three-bedroom co-op at 639 West End Avenue for $1.845 million to Hyang-Sook Lee, a Simpson Thacher counsel in bankruptcy, and Nathan Dudley Taft, the director of acquisitions at Jonathan Rose Companies.

Three bedrooms under $2 million is a pretty good deal in New York City, but the floor plan in the Sotheby posting (since taken down) seems to indicate that it's not a true three-bedroom. Still, the apartment is in impeccable shape.


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Coaching? whatever happened to common sense? It's simple. Don't break the law if you're not prepared to be caught and punished. Don't do sexually deviant things in public (Weiner) if you're not prepared to have your career ruined in this puritan country.
Or maybe I should say, don't do anything remotely sexual in public...

Hey Ronique, don't forget about the FEMALE lawyers who are pimping themselves out because of the "job market." You better start your coaching with them.

I'm going to start a company to coach men. Honestly, some of the smartest guys I know and those I have seen of late, need just a little coaching to avoid making some truly bad choices..

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