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Law School Blacklist, Northwestern's Career Ranking, Skadden's Leaked Memo + More News

Vivia Chen

October 14, 2011

Make sure your law school isn't on this list. Why should New York Law School (click here to read about NYLS's woes)and Thomas M. Cooley Law School get all the notoriety for publishing deceptive employment data about their graduates? Let's spread the wealth. Lawyers David Anziska and Jesse Strauss say they plan to sue 15 additional law schools, reports The National Law Journal

Albany LSHere's the dreaded list:

• Albany Law School of Union University (pictured right)

• University of Baltimore School of Law

• Brooklyn Law School

• California Western School of Law

• Chicago-Kent College of Law

• DePaul University College of Law

• Florida Coastal School of Law

• The John Marshall Law School (Chicago)

• Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University

• Pace Law School

• University of San Francisco School of Law

• St. John's University School of Law

• Southwestern Law School

• Villanova University School of Law

• Widener University School of Law

This law school must have an amazing publicist. On the other extreme is Northwestern University's law school, which Princeton Review ranked first for career prospects. The result was based on a survey of 18,000 students attending 167 law schools (ABA blog). Hey, how did it beat out all those top ten schools? 

Skadden's performance review memo is leaked! David Lat of Above the Law somehow got his sticky little hands on Skadden's review form for associates in the antitrust department. Worth a peek to see what that megafirm really cares about (hint: It's not stuff like diversity).

GrandOleOpryWill Alberto R. Gonzales be performing at The Grand Ole Opry? He's been down on his luck on the job front ever since he stepped down as the U.S. attorney general, but Gonzales is now the toast of Nashville. Belmont University’s new law school (okay, so it's unaccredited) just named him to be the Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law. What's more, Gonzales is joining Nashville firm Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis as of counsel.



I shouldn't say this, but I can't help thinking that law professors must have a lot of free time on their hands. Jason Huber, an Appalachia native and assistant professor at the Charlotte School of Law, has filed an ethics complaint against Crowell & Moring's lawyers for suggesting in a memo to a client that inbreeding accounts for birth defects in the Appalachian region (Am Law Daily).

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The 3 worst law schools in existence:

1. Cooley
2. Infinilaw (Phx, FCSL, Charlotte)
3. Texas Southern

They can try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to improve but it will take AT LEAST 5 years to make even a slight dent.

Sensationalism about jobs and salaries is nothing new. Magazines and legal publications have done it for years. Focusing on iarge law firms may seem un-diverse to you, but it is easy reporting for lazy writers. Note: Your own Careerist website has a column promoting "top jobs".

Just glad the law school I attended, which has been called a "bar factory," didn't appear on that dreaded list.

Likewise glad that, the alumnus who have always lorded their respective alma maters over my "working man's school" now have something to worry about regarding same... besides the fact that, their school left them horribly unprepared for being a lawyer.

Sometimes the more expensive option isn't the best.

How exactly is diversity supposed to come up in a personal review? "Associate too white. Must get more street cred." "Attorney is black, so we won't fire him in order to keep our numbers up."

In the very recent past it has been ranked in the top 10. Even at 12, I hardly think it's "amazing" that it beat the 2011 top 10 schools.

Northwestern is ranked 12 for 2011 -- http://www.law.northwestern.edu/difference/rankings.html

Northwestern is a "top ten" school.

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