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News Briefs—K&L Gates Bares All; Groundhog Day Redux; Cultural Superiority; and More

Vivia Chen

February 22, 2013


What's happening so far:

Bodacious indeed—but will other firms follow? K&L Gates has nothing to hide: It is posting its financials on its website! (To see the numbers,  click here under "News"). Peter Kalis, K&L’s always outspoken chairman, thinks it's high time for law firm transparency. He wrote in an email to the firm's lawyers: “Our industry and profession were shamed by Dewey. This is our modest attempt to fight back and lead by example.” You go, Kalis! (Bloomberg)

Women make up 70 percent of part-time lawyers. Yawn. It's another Bill Murray, Groundhog Day moment: "Only 6.2 percent of lawyers worked part-time in 2012, according to a survey by the National Association for Legal Career Professionals [NALP], which analyzed employer information from over 1,100 law offices. That was the same rate as 2011, said the industry group. Of the lawyers who worked part-time, over 70 percent were women." Yup, it's an official pink ghetto. So come on in, girls. (Thomson Reuters)

"We have better culture." What else? Midsize firms are the awkward children of the school yard: not small enough to be one of the cute boutiques, and not hefty enough to be one of the swaggering big boys. Will they eventually get swallowed up by a giant firm or just disappear? Who knows? In the meantime, this is their selling point: "Maintaining a collegial culture is the key advantage that midsize law firms believe they enjoy in recruiting lawyers, according to a study by Georgetown University Law Center." (The National Law Journal)

Justice Thomas has a soft spot for [some] liberals. On Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Thomas comments: "She makes all of us better judges." He even sweet-talked Justice Elena Kagan: "It’s going to be a joy disagreeing with you for years to come." Aww. (The Washington Post)

OMG. She really is perfect. CEO Marissa Mayer appeared on The Today Show to talk about Yahoo! Inc.'s new design and being a new mom. (Remember all that ruckus about her being a bad role model for returning to her job so soon after having her baby?) Her tenure at Yahoo seems to be going well, she sounds like her life is under control, and she looks way too good for a new mom with a seriously stressful job. Damn. (The Today Show)

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