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Newsbriefs—The Happy Meal Comes with a J.D.

Vivia Chen

April 5, 2013

Some quick takes on recent news:

McDonaldsFries included. What happens when two mediocre law schools with multiple campuses join forces? You get yourself an instant franchise operation and a nice cash cow.

In Michigan, The Thomas M. Cooley Law School is about to partner with Western Michigan University Law School. The combination, reports The National Law Journal, "would increase the footprint of both institutions." (Cooley already has four campuses in Michigan, while Western Michigan has eight.)

You'll recall that Cooley's job placement record isn't exactly stellar and that alums have sued Cooley for allegedly publishing fraudulent job data about grads. I doubt partnering with Western Michigan, another bottom-scraping law school, will help either brand.

Pray for their progeny—because prayers are what these graduates are going to need in order to land a job.

OutofOrderPoor Sandy. Adam Liptak, The New York Times's Supreme Court reporter, renders his verdict on Sandra Day O'Connor's latest book: "Out of Order is a gift shop bauble, and its title might as well refer to how disorganized and meandering it is." Guess he's not counting on being O'Connor's official biographer. (NYT)

Not your typical top 100 lawyer. Who says you have to practice law in the conventional sense to be a mover and shaker? Kyle McEntee, who spearheads Law School Transparency, was just named one of 100 most influential lawyers by The National Law Journal.

McEntee is pretty humble about the recognition. He tells us: "I was completely shocked and honored. I doubt that I fit on the list, but I hope to one day earn it."

Well, that was quick. Corporate partner Michael Ringler returned to Wilson Sonsini just a month after decamping to Kirkland & Ellis. This was not the first time Ringler has run away from home: "As a young associate, Ringler defected to Latham & Watkins, only to come back after about eight months in 2000," reports The Recorder.

It's a good thing that Papa Larry welcomes back his wayward children.

Casey at the bat. Remember former Gibson Dunn & Crutcher associate Casey Greenfield, who started her own matrimonial practice? You might recall that she went into family law after her own struggle to get paternity support from TV pundit Jeffrey Toobin.

Happily, her practice seems to be doing well. And she's now representing Bill O'Reilly's former wife in a nasty, weird custody dispute. As Gawker notes about Greenfield's representation in this latest matter: "She has apparently put her familiarity with TV assholes to good use."

Worst job in the world? Really? According to CareerBliss, a job site, being an associate is the unhappiest job in the world, reports Forbes.

Granted, being an associate is no joyride, but the worst job? Gimme a break. No one is forcing you to work in a big law firm and make a six-figure salary. (Hat tip: Above the Law)

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Western Michigan University does not have a law school. It will have one when it goes through the formal processes with Cooley Law School and the two merge.
Your inability to differentiate this simple fact calls into question your entire blog, especially since you use this to gain cheap points and denigrate both schools. What do you know of them?

You do realize that not all associates in the legal profession work in big law right?

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