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My Funniest, Saddest and Most Loathed Careerists Posts for 2017

Vivia Chen

January 16, 2018


Another year down the toilet. That's how I look at the start of a new year. 

So before all my hard work for 2017 is consigned to oblivion, I present to you some of my most memorable and outrageous Careerist posts for the past year:

My most ridiculously popular post: How to Deal with Assholes. I don't think this was a particularly penetrating look at the issue but, somehow, the topic is forever young to those who work in law firms. My interview with Stanford University's management professor Robert Sutton, the leading academic on assholes in the workplace (I'm serious).

Runner-up: Death to Performance Reviews (Well, One Can Hope). What would you rather do for 30 minutes: Get reviewed by your manager or be knocked out for a colonoscopy? Can you guess which one I pick?

My most contrarian post: Kellyanne: Victim of Sexism. Yes, that Kellyanne. And yes, I think she got slapped around and dumped on in a sexist fashion. I don't mind trashing her, but I do believe in doing so in a fair way.

The post women loved: Take Your Pick: 1) Ditzy Broad or 2) Angry Bitch. Because we all know there is no middle course.

The post (some) women hated: Hello Pink Ghetto. I called the practices where women tend to be well-represented (e.g., immigration, labor/employment and family law) "respectable" but "pedestrian"—and some thought those sounded like sexists judgments. Oh well.

My most personal post: The Ordeals of a Trump Supporter. I've been told many times to "go back to where you came from"—and I just had to write about it when a white woman said she endured the same line as a Trump supporter in Washington, D.C.

My dirtiest post: Mike Pence, Lust and Big Law. Isn't there's something creepy and inherently dirty about a man in a position of respect who has to impose all sorts of rules on himself in order to avoid the temptation of the flesh? 

My most depressing post: Let's Talk about Kozinski's Victim: Heidi Bond. A look at a career that might have been.

Runner-up: David Boies's Mea Culpa Doesn't Cut It. A look at a legendary career marred.

Runner-up: Love, Lost and What She Wore. My interview with Karen Dunn, the woman who would have been White House Counsel, if Hillary had won.

What you shouldn't miss: My four part series on blacks in the profession. When Big Law Elects a Black Leader; Black Harvard Law Grads Are Doing Fine (Mostly); It's Lonely at the Top; and Black Female Lawyers. Believe it or not, I'm not always fun and jolly. Sometimes, I do tackle serious topics, and, to me, the plight of black lawyers is one that deserves more coverage.

Happy (or should I say Happier) Chinese New Year!






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