Law students might start out inspired, but they don’t stay that way. This is rather disheartening. According to Gallup, only 20 percent of law school grads feel law school prepared them well for their careers and only 23 percent feel it was worth the money: “Law graduates, in particular, rate the value of their degree poorly. Less than a quarter of law degree holders strongly agree that their education was worth the cost, compared with about six in 10 of those with medical (58 percent) or doctoral (64 percent) degrees.”

Wow, that’s a lot of bitterness among law grads—even worse than what I would have guessed. So why the discontent among law grads? Well, it certainly doesn’t help that the employment picture isn’t rosy. As Law School Transparency reports: Only 60.1 percent of law school graduates got full-time, entry-level law jobs. Though the Big Law sector is far healthier than it was during the recession, most firms aren’t hiring at the rate they once did.

And let’s not even get into the malaise that befalls the “lucky” lawyers who get hired by Big Law.

Of course, it’s ironic that law school applications are spiking at the same time that so many law grads are expressing buyers regret. Why the disconnect? Are these two groups not speaking with each? Or are the aspiring lawyers just young and heedless?

May I just offer this advice to prospective law students? Before you send in the law school deposit, please corner current law students and lawyers and ask them if they’d do it all over again.

 Everyone wants to date a lawyer. I know I’ve given you some reasons to think twice about going to law school, but let me give you a compelling reason to go: You will be desired! Yes, you, the lawyer.

According to Dow Jones’ site Moneyish, lawyers rank first as sought-after dates. What’s more, lawyers are considered desirable by both sexes! (And you thought the legal field lacked gender equality.)

And what professions came after lawyer? The hot male jobs are analysts, engineers, salesmen, and doctors, according to Mashable, which reported on the survey, while designer, teacher, marketer, and physician came out on top for women.

Frankly, some of those other professions sound rather dull (salesmen and engineers?). In any case, when it comes to being hot, lawyers rule.

 Speaking of hot: Guess which porn star is going to law school? No, silly, it’s not Stormy Daniels, who seems to be doing just fine without a J.D.

The porn star is Belle Knox (real name: Miriam Weeks), who’s now attending New York Law School, according to The New York Post. (Hat tip: Above the Law.) The Post reminds us that Knox “put herself through Duke” as an undergraduate by performing porn.

Knox might not be a household name, but she is quite famous and outspoken. As the Post notes, she “is not secretive about her sordid past, which was turned into a Lifetime movie released about a year ago, From Straight A’s to XXX.”

I don’t know what prompted Knox to become a lawyer. (Query: Is she part of the Trump Bump?). In any event, I have no problems with her legal aspirations. I’m all for reinvention. Frankly, the system could use more lawyers who can draw on their life experiences.