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News & Gossip: Trump Legal Royalty, Fallen Mean Girl + More

Vivia Chen

April 3, 2018

McKenna-Pruitt-300x300Yes, it's that time again: News and gossip.

Future Trump lawyers: The fabulous, glamorous trio. We know Donald Trump is having a hard time hiring lawyers to represent him. But despair no more! Help is on the way.

It turns out there are some very well-credentialed young legal talents waiting in the wings—and they are all progeny of Trump loyalists. There is, of course, SCOTUS's own daughter Tiffany, who's a 1-L at Georgetown Law Center. And, hiding in plain sight, as law.com's Karen Sloan revealed last week, is Vice President Mike Pence's daughter Audrey, a first-year at Yale Law School. Now, Above the Law's Staci Zaretsky has uncovered another gem: McKenna Pruitt (right), daughter of Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, a first year at the University of Virginia School of Law. 

Of course, we have no idea if these women share their fathers' politics. Aside from her speech at the Republican convention, Tiffany has been pretty quiet. Meanwhile Pence's daughter Audrey (left) is reportedly a political independent and a social liberal. (Whoa, does that mean she's not a believer in conversion therapy for gays?)

Of the three, Pruitt's daughter might be the strongest party loyalist. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma (where she was a cheerleader), she was a member of the Young Republicans Club. Plus, she interned at the White House Counsel's office last year, presumably under the tutelage of Don McGahn.

In any case, they all seem to be bright, comely young women—the type Trump likes so much (they might remind him of Ivanka, except for Tiffany). And while they might not have much experience, who cares? Trump has always been very generous about putting the young or inexperienced (or both) in key positions. 

This is when you know you're movie career is in the toilet. I know Lindsay Lohan is having a hard time making a comeback in Hollywood, but can she be so desperate? The answer is apparently yes. The one-time star of Mean Girls is now the spokesperson for Lawyer.com, a site that connects potential clients with lawyers. 

In the promo, Lohan says she was "confused and a little scared" when the site contacted her, "because I thought I was in trouble.” But, eventually, "I realized Lawyer.com is just about helping people," she adds. "From getting a DUI — let’s not pretend I didn’t get one, or two, or three or some others — it’s so simple and it’s free."

As Legal Tech remind us, Lohan has suffered all kinds of legal problems. She's been jailed three times for violating probation "and has been variously charged over the years with battery, theft, leaving the scene of an accident, drug possession and driving without a license"—exactly the type of situations where you might turn to an app to get quick legal help.

There's no question that Lohan is qualified for this job. But how will this gig reboot her deflated acting career? Is there anything remotely sexy about hawking lawyers to the masses?

Maybe it won't jumpstart her career. But, hey, at least she's not the celebrity face for Depends.

Why is Kirkland & Ellis in the middle of the Bill Voge mess? By now, everyone knows about the fate of Latham & Watkins chair Bill Voge, who resigned from the firm for sexual indiscretions involving a woman he met through a religious organization. 

There are many oddities and unanswered questions in the Voge matter, like what exactly happened between Voge and the woman, and how are various Christian organizations involved in the matter. (Voge met the woman when he was trying to facilitate a "Christian reconciliation" between her and a member of the New Canaan Society, a Christian men’s group started by a Goldman Sachs partner. Got that?)

There's a weird, cultish quality to the whole matter—and it doesn't help that Latham has been quite opaque about it. Plus, did anyone notice that another Big Law firm also made an appearance? That was Kirkland & Ellis, which the woman also contacted in the aftermath of her relationship with Voge. Law360 reports that the woman contacted Voge’s lawyer, his family, partners at Latham and lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis to complain about Voge's behavior.

It's more or less logical that she would complain to Latham but why Kirkland? Is the woman/her spouse a lawyer there? Does Kirkland represent one of the religious groups? (We've asked the firm for comment but have not heard back.)

Inquiring minds would like to know what's going on. It's not every day that two stellar firms get mentioned in the same tawdry affair. 



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